Bohemian Bar and Restaurant


Recalling a memory of eating a really nice seafood paella around South Wharf, one night we started tracking down rustic, yet modern looking waterfront Spanish restaurant. At the rear end of the South Wharf Promenade and Dukes walk we reached our goal known as “Bohemian bar and restaurant”.

From previous experience we knew their cocktails were really good so we started with our dinner with a couple of drinks. Since we’d already tried the paella last time and the tapas dishes look so appealing,  we decided  getting few of them to go with the drinks.

Two Wedges of golden crumbed Brie came with balsamic and tomato marmalade. I would have preferred to have some kind of carb or cracker to scoop the oozing middle unfortunately we didn’t get any. So we ordered sourdough bread which came with fresh garlic clove where we could rub it on our bread as we like it. Also bread accompanied olive oil to dip in and tomato to rub.

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Deep fried Croquet filled with chicken and Jamon, had a little bit of romesco sauce on the serving plate. The dish would have been perfect if there were little bit more sauce to dip the crunchy croquets in.  However the twice cooked pork belly bites arrived in a funky paper cone with the right amount of tangy sour cream in a small bowl to dip in.


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Mouth-watering sizzling garlic prawns were well seasoned with paprika and chilli but sadly there were only five small prawns. It was really thoughtful to add a piece of bread as a side to scope out the juices and it was to die for.

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By this time we were really full but looking at the dessert menu, didn’t want to pass the chocolate filled donuts with lemon curd and coconut crumbs. We were not sure about the coconut crumbs but combined together, all the elements in the plate was a match made in heaven. We were so happy about ordering that dessert and it was definitely the star of the evening.

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  1. Minna
    June 7th

    I was waiting for this sort of matter. Thank you very much for the location.

  2. Spencer
    June 8th

    Thank you for the effort, keep up the good work Great work.

  3. Thanks!! It’s one of our favorite restaurants.. We’ll come back soon!!

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